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Mammoths are not Dinosaurs

Posted on Apr 7, 2013 by in Fun | 0 comments

We recently visited the Waco Mammoth Site as a family. The facilities and site are nice. If you haven’t checked it out it’s worth $7. Our guide was very passionate, so we got the full scoop. Did you know there used to be 20ft tall sloths living in Central Texas? Yeah, pretty terrifying! We were happy to have our friend Kellen come along with Sarah, who was visiting from St. Louis, and Nonnie. It was a little disappointing there were only a few bones left, but it was still pretty cool (most of the bones are at Baylor being studied in the labs). The funniest moment may have been when the guide stressed that Mammoths were not dinosaurs. Harper blurted out, “Where the dinosaurs daddy?” Fun times!

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